What is the Juniper Weight Reset Program?

Managing weight is multifaceted. It is more complex than fad dieting or going into a calorie deficit.

One of Juniper’s main goals is to help you understand the many behavioural factors that influence weight gain, such as your relationship with certain foods and habits.

Losing weight with Juniper means more than prescribing and relying on a breakthrough treatment to do all the heavy-lifting. We offer a comprehensive program to support you in setting realistic goals, monitoring your wins and maintaining long-term success.

The Weight Reset Program includes:

  1. A clinically proven treatment
    This breakthrough treatment works to regulate digestion, decrease appetite, and shift the mind and body’s approach to food.
  2. One-to-one health tracking
    Your treating practitioner can check-in and track your physical, mental and biometric health or make adjustments to your program.
  3. Access to health coaching and dietitians
    Medically guided lifestyle intervention help you set and stick to routine. A support system of like-minded women are on the journey with you.
  4. Support from nurses and pharmacists
    Experiencing side effects or thinking your progress is stalling? Our Medical Support Team will advise on the best evidence-based practices to help you manage.

Our practitioners use comprehensive clinical guidelines when prescribing on our platform. Complete your initial assessment here and check if you’re eligible today.

If you require additional support, please reach out to our medical support team by messaging us here.