Why do I need a blood test?

A pathology test that may be requested will help your practitioner monitor any pre-existing or developing health conditions and will enable your practitioner to best manage your treatment moving forward.

Your practitioner will let you know during your consultation if a pathology test is needed.

About your pathology test:

  • This is a fasting blood test, which means no eating 12 hours before (water is fine). It is best to do these tests in the morning.
  • You must print the pathology request (attached to this email) and bring it with you to the lab.
  • You must bring your Medicare card with you to the lab.
  • Please check that the details on your pathology form are correct including your name and address. If anything needs to be updated, please submit a request here and we’ll update your form.
  • It is not necessary for you to already be taking the medication to get your pathology test done and it will not impact your initial order.
  • You may choose to complete your pathology test within the first month, after commencing your treatment.