How much does the Weight Reset Program cost?

Juniper offers a range of treatments for weight management, and the most effective treatment costs $13 per day. This comes with:

  • A month's worth of breakthrough medication that can help you to lose up to 15% of your body weight over 6-12 months. The medication works by regulating your appetite, thus keeping you fuller for longer.
  • Access to a team of health coaches and accredited dieticians: The Juniper Health Coaches will be there to support you while on the program. You will also have access to meal plans, educational content and health reviews. Our programs are dietitian-led so you will always be provided with the latest evidence-based advice.
  • Your treatment delivered to your door from our partner pharmacy and when you are ready for your next order we will automatically send this out to you.
  • Registered nurses and pharmacists are on hand to answer your medication-related concerns, manage side effects and provide tailored advice.
  • Unlimited check-ins with your doctor any time you need to speak to your doctor or want to discuss an alternative treatment, you can go into a consult with your doctor.

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