How do I link my IHI details to my Juniper account without Medicare?

To link your IHI details with your Juniper account, your full name, date of birth, residential address and sex associated with your IHI must exactly match the details in your Juniper Account.

If you have an IHI, follow the steps below to link it to your Juniper account. If you do not have an IHI, apply for one here first.

View your IHI details

1. Log into your MyGov account.

2. Go to your Profile and navigate to Contact details.

image (5).png

3. Next to Address, click Edit.

4. Check that My Health Record is selected to share your Home Address with this service. Click Update to save your changes.

5. If your Home Address is empty, input your residential address.  Remember to click Update to save your changes.

Once you have shared your Home Address with My Health Record, this is the residential address associated with your IHI.

IHI Screen .png

If you’re having trouble accessing your IHI details, contact the HI Service.

Update your Juniper account with your IHI details

1. Log into your Juniper Profile

2. Go to your Juniper Account settings

Jane Account Select (1).png

3. Next to your Personal details, click Edit.

Personal Details Edit Jane.png

4. Update your first namelast name and residential address to exactly match your MyGov/IHI details.

5. Contact us once you have completed these steps so that we can manually link your IHI details to your Juniper account.

If we are unable to identify your IHI number, we may ask you for additional information to help you link your IHI with your Juniper account