How do I delete my account?

If you have not provided Juniper with your health information by completing the consultation questionnaire, please message our Patient Support Team here and we will organise the account deletion for you.

However, if you have completed the consultation questionnaire (even if a practitioner has not yet reviewed your responses), we are unable to delete your account right away. Like other medical providers, Juniper and the practitioner consulting on its platform are required by state legislation (eg, s 25 of the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW)) to retain all health information for 7 years. Once 7 years have passed from the date of your consultation, we will be legally allowed to delete all your details from our records.

We assure you that we prioritise security and your information cannot be viewed by anyone who is not an authorised member of our medical team, nor will it be shared. It is held in the strictest confidence, as we are also required by law to ensure. You can read about our Privacy Policy here.

If deleting your account is not an option, we can unsubscribe you from our email services. To request this, please message our Patient Support Team here.