How do I get started?

Read the below five simple steps to get started with Juniper today:

  1. Start your Menopause or Weight Reset Quiz: The quiz will take you through a series of questions that test your eligibility and provide the necessary information for your Juniper doctor to proceed with a consult. Begin your weight quiz here or your menopause quiz here.

  2. Start your consultation with your doctor: your assigned doctor will review your survey answers to determine if Juniper is right for you. Your doctor will be in contact via our online text-based consultation which can be found within your dashboard. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions during your consultation.

  3. Review your treatment plan and order: Once your doctor has prescribed a treatment plan, you can purchase. 

  4. Start your treatment plan: Your order will be delivered straight to your door. You will receive information with your delivery on how to begin your treatment and our Medical Support Team is available if you have any questions or concerns. When you are ready for your next order we will automatically send this out to you.

  5. Access your ongoing support: You will have access to your doctor, registered nurses, pharmacists, patient support and Health Coach's* which are included in your treatment plan. Your doctor will reach out once it is time to review your treatment plan.
    *Health Coaching is only available for our weight reset program patients.