How does the Refer a Friend Program work?

Many have told us that you love the Weight Reset Program so much, you've even recommended it to a friend. 
To thank you for spreading the good word, we've launched a brand new referral program that rewards you and your friends for sharing the Juniper love. 

Who can use the Referral code?
This code is for your friend’s first Juniper order. Your friend must:
  1. Create an account
  2. Complete the online quiz and choose “Through a friend” in response to “How did you hear about us?”
  3. Mention your full name in the quiz
  4. Add the code at checkout to receive 20% off their first month with Juniper.

This promotion applies to referrals made on and after 23 November 2022 only.

Can I refer anyone?
Yes! The referral is valid only for friends who are found eligible for the Weight Reset Program by a Juniper doctor, and who subsequently join the program. Have your friends complete the online quiz and we’ll take it from there.
What do I get if I refer someone to Juniper?
You’ll receive a $100 Prezzee voucher for every person you refer who joins the Weight Reset Program. The voucher is valid for all big-brand retailers across Australia, including Coles, Airbnb, The Iconic, and more. See the full list of stores where you can use your voucher here.
How many friends can I refer?
As many friends as you like! The more people you refer who joins the program, the more you are rewarded.
How do I know if the referral was successful?
Our team will contact you if one of your friends successfully joins the Weight Reset Program and you are eligible for a $100 referral voucher. Remind your friend to name you when completing the online quiz so we can attribute the referral to you. Please allow up to 1 week for the $100 voucher to be processed. 
What are the terms and conditions?
You must have an active Juniper subscription to qualify for this promotion. You’ll receive a $100 Prezzee voucher for each referral who joins the Juniper Weight Reset Program. If our clinical team deems your friend to be ineligible to join the program, we’re afraid the referral can’t be counted.