How do I get a pharmacy invoice/receipt?

The monthly subscription cost for Juniper’s Weight Reset Program includes the cost of the medication and the cost of the related services provided by Juniper, as set out in our Terms & Conditions. Invoices for the Weight Reset Program are split into the pharmacy's medication invoice and Juniper’s services invoice.

We note that the cost of the medication may vary month-to-month depending on the type of medication, dosage and the relevant associate pharmacy that is dispensing the medication. Where the medication cost is higher in any given month, including where it covers the full subscription cost, Juniper discounts its services costs so that the monthly subscription fee remains the same.

To receive a pharmacy invoice or a services invoice please message us here specifying the order(s) the invoice is needed for as well as the type of invoice(s) you require, and our Patient Support Team will organise this for you. Please allow up to 20 business days to hear back from us.